First of all – Congratulations on your pending wedding or function!!

Secondly – You have come to the right place to organise and explore all of your catering options for the day!!

Thirdly  – Let me introduce myself, and the business. I am Lia Mason, and I have been cooking for my WHOLE life (well pretty much anyway!!). I have always loved it. I love filling peoples bellies with delicious & nutricious food. I love the way it can make people smile & feel warm from the inside out. It is my way of caring. My first teacher, my grandmother, taught me how it is the simple nostalgic foods that bring people the most joy. My second teacher, my mother, taught me how to use flavour. salt, pepper, lemon, honey, chilli & herbs – every ingredient needs to paired with something that brings out the best in it. My third teacher – My first head chef, he taught me how to cook from anywhere from 1 person to 1000 people without compromising the product. I have now been cooking professionally in the industry for 10 years . In this industry, I met my husband, and a close group of friends, with whom we are now business partners. Together, we operate two busy restaurants & this very cool catering company!! We have a seriously talented team of staff who help keep the food & drinks rolling out to our wonderful customers.

Graze Wedding Catering is our newest edition. It is a professional catering company that offers an organic & memorable dining experience for your wedding day. We concentrate on finding the best produce from local, organic & boutique suppliers, so that we can provide you with a range of fresh & delicious menus to chose from. We work hard to make sure the food on your special day is flawless. Graze has catered in everything from private houses, sheds, & back yards to large function halls, fields & luxury boats!! We are perfectly positioned to cater for weddings in the beautiful Byron Bay area, all the way up to the glamorous Gold Coast (& everywhere in between!!). Please feel free to enquire via our ‘contact us’ form on this website. We look forward to hearing about your special day!!  – x Graze